Hi I'm Emma-Rose

A twenty(something) currently living in Lancashire with my boyfriend Matt and our little cat Reo, who we adopted from the RSPCA as a kitten in 2014.  Matt and I are both getting to that stage in our life where we want to start settling down and make a home for ourselves. We just have one huge hurdle to overcome first - saving up enough money to put down as a deposit on the property of our dreams!. 

Through this blog I hope to document our journey, saving money whilst trying to lead 'aLittleRosyLife', trying to enjoy the most of what life has to offer on a budget... Follow us on our journey sharing our tips on how to enjoy life, save money and not deprive ourselves of the things we want to do! Just because we need to buckle down on spending we still want to enjoy the finer things in life! 

Our journey starts now... The pot is currently empty... Let's see where our journey leads us and how much we can save! :)


For all enquiries please contact me via email | alittlerosylife@yahoo.co.uk 

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